good morning

My favorite color has always been green. Perhaps that is why I’m finding it everywhere in my life these days. It has influenced me to the core of my being. The color green means what it means depending on the person viewing it. I feel green is beautiful. which is why it’s my favorite.

To me, green represents new life, the plants that sustain our lives. Green is the color of life and renewal. That’s pretty cool. Have a good day, whenever you read this. Because all that matters right now, as you see these words, is the moment we share together.


who? <13>

just breathe
remember to breathe
even though I’m exhausted EXHAUSTED
even though I want to quit

I am an empty vessel
I am tabula rasa
I am whoever you need me to be

who am i?
tabula rasa
I am nobody
No. Body.
Keep breathing
no alternatives
but breathe


who are you?

“Who are you?” she asked. “I don’t know.” I replied. In that moment, my response was true. I couldn’t think of anything. What defines me? I didn’t know then, and months later I’m still not sure of it.

I. Son, grandson, brother. Friend. That’s a start.