Dream Journal – Hope Diamond Heist

This dream began with me driving my 1990 Oldsmobile 98 up a winding road towards a large castle. It was in the country and looked nothing like the actual Kensington District of London, which I’ve visited in real life. After driving alongside a large castle or university type building, the road lead through some hedges into an archway. The next thing I remember is being in a basement room of this complex with Tom Cruise, who was dressed as a British cop or security officer. I think he was looking over one of his guns, and I handed him a gift. We both shared a laugh.

The next thing I recall is observing, in third person, a team of three men dressed in tactical gear and heavily armed. They were under some sort of eave overhanging the roof. The men were attached with rope and having a discussion. One of the men was dressed in white with goggles and his face fully covered by white baclava. Another man had long hair and was wearing a headband. He was arguing with the third man who was obviously the leader. I had the sense they were planning to attack or rob whatever was inside the building complex. The man with the long hair was complaining that their plan would never work and would end in disaster. In response the leader said nothing, pulled out a silenced pistol and immediately shot the third man in the head without saying a word. His blood pooled on the roof and began trickling down. Even though I was seeing them in third-person, I got the sense as I was dreaming that I was acting as the leader in this situation. I responded to the self-critical part of my brain (guy with long hair talking) by shooting him in the head!

Then, again observing in third person, I saw a chain of explosions rippling through this huge gothic, university-like structure. I recall hearing screams throughout the building as this explosion took place. I can’t remember where I was in context, it’s as if I was observing the whole thing through a security camera. I wasn’t there physically, just observing. All I remember is this huge chain of explosions fully destroying the above ground part of the building.

Before the chain of explosions finished, I was again observing the situation, this time in the bottom level of the building’s basement. It was a huge control room for a secured facility, like something the military would have. In the center of the room was a transparent box, lit up internally. Inside the box was a huge diamond, with lights being pointed at it from each square of the box it was residing in. In the room was an older British woman with blonde hair in a very short, conservative style. She was wearing a blue suit and was very clearly in charge. She was addressing three sharply dressed Germans (in suits). I somehow knew they were German. The lead German, a very tall man in his 40s with bright blonde hair, was talking to the woman. Behind them was a souped up BMW laden with armor and weapons that was clearly meant to transport the diamond. I realized then the target of the three men outside the building: it was this massive diamond. Tom Cruise was nowhere to be seen, and I recognized within the dream that he was not present. At this point, I realized that the diamond was a hologram, a fake. The Germans were insistent on taking it with them. The woman in charge was making a show of not wanting to let them take it.

I believe the lead German was pointing out how much the security situation had deteriorated, so finally the woman in charge relented. I realized the diamond was a decoy intended to deceive the attackers and possibly the Germans themselves. I then saw in my dream the Germans racing away from the area in their BMW. Then I saw them farther along, driving down the road through France and finally to the Autobahn. They had escaped anyone that might have been chasing them, I deduced. It seemed like a point of emphasis in the dream that the diamond was a fake, because as this happened I kept hearing over and over in my head that the diamond was a hologram, a very carefully constructed fake. At this point, I awoke, or the dream ended. I never saw the real diamond or knew where it really was or what happened to it.

I applied a Freudian interpretation to this dream because of the strong sense of meaning I had within moments of lucidity during the dream. This interpretation stuck with me after I awoke. My interpretation of this dream, at first, was that in the dream I destroyed my super-ego, the self-critical part of my brain that often prevents or stops me from acting by raising objections to possible decision paths. The leader of the three man team was my id, representing my instincts and gut-level desires. The man in the headband was the super-ego, raising objections to the plan and claiming it would fail. The man whose faith was fully covered represented the ego, a mediator between the other parts. He appeared to be fine with the mission plan and did not react at all to the killing of the critical, questioning man. I do recall in the dream knowing that he did conceal an amount of surprise from the leader, the id. After doing some research, I’m struck that the overhead view of Kensington Palace in the featured image of this blog looks very similar to what I saw in my dream. I specifically remember knowing I was on a Kensington Road in my dream. Not sure how that connection happened. I’ve never seen that picture before or knew that palace name existed.